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Amplify is India's first video production house catering exclusively to the MICE industry.
We take charge of end-to-end filming and amplification of your events: from pre-event teasers to live-streaming it, from creating shorts on key moments to behind the scene features.
Enough chatter. Let our work amplify our claims.

We've amplified 450+ events.

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How we do

what we do?


B.E. Presentable

Before Event

The time Before Event (B.E.) involves creation of a series of videos including teasers, promotions, participant profiles and overview films to get you and your target audience event-ready.

D.E. Day

During Event

As the name suggests, this is what we do During Event (D.E.). Besides shooting your event from right, left, up, down & center, in video and in photographs, we also enable live streaming through Facebook and Youtube.

A.E. There!

After Event

The After Event (A.E.) stage is the time to whoop and holler about what you have done. This is where we collate, clean and curate your event the way you like it and serve you a glimpses video of your best moments.