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Top events of 2019 that we’ve covered

Being one of the leading event video marketing companies in India, we understand what distinguishes a great event from a good event. Honestly, we are in awe of them all but there are some events that just stand out more than the rest! So below, we’ve listed the events that

5 ways to get the best out of your event marketing strategy

5 ways to get the best out of your event marketing strategy?

Your event may not be a #BoycottMillenials or a Trump tweet when it comes to grabbing eyeballs. In fact, it can be something much more memorable than a trend that stays at the tip of everyone’s fingertips for a short period of time before vanishing. If you play the cards

The Best Way to Leverage Post-Event Publicity.

Every participant is attracted to an event because of the energy surrounding it. The palpable excitement among the attendees, the cutting tension among the crew, the captivating speeches and the stunning performances will leave an impression on the participants.  Once the event concludes, you will definitely want to capitalize on

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